Sommercamp Übersicht - Part 2
Vor Euch liegt die zweite Sommer-Camp-Übersicht
Zu folgenden Camps findet ihr hier Infos:
Big A Camp
Folgafonna Camp
Mount Hood Camp
James' B Camp
Stryn Camp
Hier gehts zur ersten Übersicht mit:
SPC55, BASE und GAP Camp

BIG-A Sommer Camp

The base of the camp is located in Maso Corto, the last village of Val Senales. The Zirm Hotel is very comfortable and offers: a restaurant, 2 bars, a swimming pool and a gym. It's 200 meters from the gondola which takes 10 minutes to reach the glacier.

big a campPARK:
- 2 Half Pipes and a Snow Park with kickers : 5, 8, 14, 20, 25 meters + different sizes(2,4,6 mt) of funboxes, gaps and quarters, accessible by every kind of rider plus 15 rails (normal & MEGA size): rainbow, box, kink, straight. The halfpipe and the park will be reserved to the campers and will be maintained on a daily schedule by the big A work team.
- snowskate park: jumps, rails e box
- skatepark and miniramp

Campers will have access to a show-boards-room where they can see, choose and test the 2003 materials (55DSL, Arnette, Bastard, Drake, Apx, K2, Morrow, Nitro, Ride, Rossignol, Salomon, Bonfire); And see the latest bmx, skateboard and snowboard videos.

4 hours of daily coaching. The campers will be divided in groups and every group will have it’s own coach; in according with the whole group, the lessons will take place in halfpipe or snowpark. Every day, in the evening the video from the day will be shown and coaches will be pleased to give advice to the campers regarding mistakes etc., They will also be available for notions about clinics on maintenance of materials in the BAKODA WAXROOM.
skateboard (afternoon): the campers will be divided in small groups with 3 hours of coaching in the skatepark.

Big A Camp
Big-A Camp

At the end of every week there will be held the 55dsl snowboard contest (only for not sponsored riders), with sponsorship for the best rider of the week from one of the companies that support the camp.

Summer Session
1) June 29 - Jul 6
2) July 6-13
3) July 13-20
4) July 20-27
5) July 27 - August 3 new
6) August 3 - 10 new

Autumn Session
7) September 28 - October 5
8) October 5-12 ext. October 13

Richten sich stark nach der Personen Anzahl und dem Termin
Bsp. Appartment für 2 Personen von 498 bis 512 EURO

Summer Kids special package(under 14): specific stage for young riders. 50 Euros discount from the accommodations 4,5,6 (14 year olds not included)

girls discount: discount of 30 Euros each one for groups of minimum four girls. The booking must be done together for the whole group and specified what kind of accommodation you want (half board/apartment 4/5 persons).

selected stages (snowboard: 4 hours daily - skateboard: 3 hours daily), bed sheets and towels, 7 days lift-ticket (Sun. / Sat.), 7 days in the selected accommodation (Sat. / Fri.), clinics on maintenance of materials, video review, camp T-shirt, activities included: swimming pool, weight room, basket, volley ball, five a side football
activities included in the fee: rafting, free climbing, archery

before the camp:
voice: +39 - 333 - 4608698
paper: +39 - 0125 - 751882
during the camp:
voice: +39 - 333 - 4608698 (from 15.00 ‘till 19.00)
paper: +39 - 0473 - 662175

FOLGEFONNA Summer Snowboard Camp

Hidden in the mountains of Norway there lies glacier called Folgefonn. Every year an unbelievable amount of snow collects on the glacier and stays through August. During the month of July a unique snowboard camp is organized. It could be the beautiful surroundings or the 11:30pm sunset, but something sets this camp apart from others. There is a laid back atmosphere which lets you to enjoy friends, the mountains, and the sport of snowboarding without the hype. We are proud to present the 7th season of the Folgefonna Summer Snowboard Camp.

folgafonnaFolgefonn Commits to Unlimited Cat-Time
The biggest news is that Folgefonn Ski Center has committed to giving the camp unlimited time to build the park! The resort is also purchasing a new snow cat. Experienced cat driver Randy Nelli, along with park designer Geoff Bostwick, and 10 diggers have been hired to build the park this summer. These changes, along with a large snowfall this year, guarantee an amazing park.

Folgafonna Camp

-2 big tabletops, 1 big hip/spine,
-1 big Quarterpipe.
-2 medium tabletops, 1 medium hip/spine,
-2 small tabletops, 1 small hip/spine
-"step-down" kinked rail
-"roof-top" kinked rail
-curved "c" rail
-straight rails(2)
-rainbow rail
-Beginner plastic slides
-slide box
Snowskate park:
-mini rails
-mini quarterpipe
-mini jumps

Forum riders (names) will be visiting Folgefonna from (date) till (date).
M3 riders will be visiting the camp from (date) till (date)

Session 1: July 1st-6th
Session 2: July 8th-13th
Session 3: July 15th-20th


Skateboarding (3', 4' and 6' mini ramps), Wakeboarding, Trampolines (8?), Playstation, Movies, football, basketball, fishing, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Pub/parties/DJ/live

Tel: 004732826000

MOUNT HOOD Snowboard Camp

We have a raffle each session where we hand out gear sent to us by sponsors; t-shirts, hats, gloves, bags, boards, boots and bindings. What goes out depends on what the sponsors send us and how many campers are there that week.
Kids 15 or 16 and under stay in bunks in a big lodge, maybe 10 to a room. That place has a pool and a skateboard ramp, mini golf, basketball and other stuff. Older kids live in cabins or the duplex. The older kids are close to billiards, the trampolines, foosball, and the street skating area.
Our private park is world class. We doubled our space on the hill this year and we will be able to ride the lift to cycle through the park. Everyone else on the glacier has to hike for hits because riding the lift every time doesn't work with their layout. Bideck snowskates have sponsored a super cool snowskate park. Our coach Steve Frink invented the doubledeck snowskate design that everyone is copying so we've been riding them at camp for years.

Date: Christmas Dec 26 - Jan 2 Price: $1095
Date: Spring 1 Mar 9 - Mar 15 Price: $995
Date: Spring 2 Mar 16 - Mar 22 Price: $995
Date: Spring 3 Mar 23 - Mar 29 Price: $995
Date: Spring 4 Mar 30 - Apr 5 Price: $995
Date: Spring 5 Apr 6 - Apr 12 Price: $995
Date:Spring 6 Apr 13 - Apr 19 Price: $995

Date: Adult 1 May 25 - Jun 1 Price: $1245
Date: Adult 2 Jun 1 - Jun 8 Price: $1245
Date: Adult 3 Jun 8 - Jun 15 Price: $1245

Date: Summer 1 Jun 16 - Jun 23 Price: $1345
Date: Summer 2 Jun 23 - Jun 30 Price: $1345
Date: Summer 3 Jun 30 - Jul 7 Price: $1345
Date: Summer 4 Jul 7 - Jul 14 Price: $1345
Date: Summer 5 Jul 14 - Jul 21 Price: $1345
Date: Summer 6 Jul 21 - Jul 28 Price: $1345
Date: Summer 7 Jul 28 - Aug 4 Price: $1345
Date: Summer 8 Aug 4 - Aug 11 Price: $1245
Date: Summer 9 Aug 11 - Aug 18 Price: $1145

2 sessions, subtract $150
3 sessions, subtract $300
4 sessions, subtract $500


JAMES ' B Camp

james BJames'B organisation and the hotel Mon Abri Staff are happy to present their Summer Camps 2002. They will start on the 23th of June to the 27th of July.
As last years, every camp week will begin on Sunday and will finish on the next Saturday (6 days riding).

(6 days pax with Bed & Breakfast, lunch pax, diners and lift tickets)
798.-CHF (without coaching)
898.-CHF (with coaching)

Half-Pipe, snowpark and Big Air shaped everydays. (See attachments, you will find Autumn Park description. Shapers contact

- At Hotel Mon Abri:-Mini vert NEW, Petanque, Ping-Pong, Videos...
- In Les Diablerets:-Swimming-Pool, Bike, Climbing,
Others Summer Mountain activities with "Mountain Evasion" (

Mindestalter: 14 Jahre!!!

Hotel Mon Abri
Route du Pillon
1865 Les Diablerets

14th annual Snowboard Summer Camp 2002
Stryn - Norway 1989 - 2002

Camp 1:Snowboard Summer Camp From July 1st to 5th
Camp 2: Snowboard Summer Camp From July 8th to 12th

Snowboard Norge AS is for the 14th. time again arranging its popular snowboard camps at Stryn Sommerskisenter summer 2002, in the midst of the Norwegian fjords. Last year snowboarders from all over Europe of all ages gathered for a few days of snowboard under professional instruction from Norwegian and foreign top riders, as well as members of the Norwegian cup scene. Our slogan «No one too experienced, no one too inexperienced» is still highly valid as members of the camps vary from beginners to high-ranked national team members. The youngest participant is around ten years old, the oldest in his fifties. Snowboard camp is fun for all, as we have seen from the numbers of re-entries this year.

Among the national elite team members, and several foreign as well. All keen to share their knowledge with camp-members. Some of our instructors have been with us for 5-6 years. Among the members of our instructor team you will find riders among the best ranked Norwegians and many others. This summer we have one of the former national team coaches as camp coach. We have a separate team of female instructors for the girls. Their course will of course include half-pipe, jumping and fun box.
Stryn Summerskiresort use to have the best snowconditions in Norway. This will give us the best snowboard conditions we can ever dream of.

Around mid-summer, Norwegian nights are light and warm, you make new friends and have fun. We have organised evening activities for those who still have energy to spend, but many prefer to cool it around the grill or inside or outside the camp-site pub.
We have a nice big skate park.

Folven Camping (Phone (+47) 900 24876 or (47) 578-75340) is the camping area closest to the Stryn Skisenter where the lifts are. Campers can choose between modern camping huts or using their own tent.

The 2 camps offered this year cost each: NOK 2.900.-
per person (Monday through Friday-arrival Sunday evening).
Two camp-weeks cost NOK 4.900.- and includes lift card for the week-end in between when there is no instructions.

5 days intensive instruction in groups. Group members are selected on experience level. 7-days lift pass. Bus from camp to glacier and back each day. Camp T-shirt. Special half-pipe pass.
Lodging and food is not included.
Snowboard park.

1 full sized half pipe and 5 to 6 fun boxes and bigjumps. These are fenced off the general glacier skiing area, exclusively for our campers. You need a camp ID to enter this area.